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The Scars of Religion’s Profanity

Originally written September 23rd, 2006

The very notion of an afterlife is both inhumane and immoral. It feeds the masturbatory fantasy that things will not come to an end. With that, we can take our lives for granted. In fact, we can take the lives of those around us for granted – as surely we will be able to meet those we love and care about again someday (as, of course, they will end up in heaven with us).



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Religion: Blight Upon Humanity?

blight n. – Something that impairs growth, withers hopes and ambitions, or impedes progress and prosperity.

The question is simple – to paraphrase Bertrand Russell, is religion the dragon that needs slaying in order to facilitate the societal progress that will benefit all of humanity? I’m not entering into this discussion with a solution in mind. I know that I have fairly heretical views (okay, very heretical views) regarding religion, but this post isn’t a rant, nor is it meant to offend. I think that you would have to either blind or willfully ignorant to not be aware of the societal problems that face us on a massive scale. Disease, violence, and poverty – to name just a few. And I think that you would have to possess a character of malice or be genuinely apathetic not to think, even just every so often, about what can be done.

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Christianity is not ethical

Originally written March 3rd, 2006

I think that people who strongly abide by J-C normative ethics are simply not being ethical, period. That’s not to say Christians are unethical (as the vast majority of them, like the rest of us try to do good), but that if one abides by Christian ethical theory, then one cannot claim moral superiority.


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