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So I know it’s been a gazillion years (well, maybe not that long) since I last updated. I just came out of my post-law-finals coma and I figured I would throw something up. 
 I podcast. Well, I don’t podcast myself, but I thoroughly enjoy them. For those of you who don’t know, podcasts are like radio programs but instead of having to crowd around the radio when they are broadcast, you get to download them to your MP3 player and listen to them at your leisure. I can’t believe I just typed that out – I feel like I was just explaining the television or the internet or something. Then again, you never know: a few days ago I had to explain to someone what text messages were. 

At this point, all the podcasts that I regularly listen to are broke. Broke, broke, broke. The hosts are constantly yelling at me to give them money and, truth be told, I would like to. There’s one big problem with that, though – I don’t have money. I’m a student, and as such my diet consists mainly of Ramen and Funions (please, don’t ask for a picture). But I figured I would do the next best thing and plug them on my blog. That way, all two of you reading this can go and check them out if you’re interested in listening to some good stuff. 

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe  – The Flying Novella Brothers and Crew tackle all sorts of skeptical issues ranging from medicine to physics to astronomy.

WNYC’s Radio Lab – Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich talk about all sorts of things, usually relating to science and society. Always an entertaining listen.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and Common Sense with Dan Carlin – Dan Carlin has a couple of podcasts that I always enjoy – Hardcore History and Common Sense. HH is, as the name would suggest, a history show. Dan is a self-described “fan” of history and not a historian himself, but he always puts together an informative and entertaining show. Common Sense is a political show that’s fairly moderate and sometimes just insane, but nevertheless always a fun listen.

This American Life – TAL is a weekly radio program put together by Chicago Public Radio and is awesome. I mean, it’s not often that I’ll use a word like awesome to describe a radio show. Maybe I’m a bit of a loser for doing it – but I’m willing to risk what little coolness I have to plug it. TAL covers a wide, wide range of topics but is always a very entertaining, engrossing, and sometimes informative show. Give it a listen.

That’s all I got for you. I listen to other podcasts, too, but to be honest they’re kind of lame. If you have any good podcasts, feel free to comment and I’ll give them a listen, too!


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