Christianity is not ethical

June 13, 2008 at 5:42 pm Leave a comment

Originally written March 3rd, 2006

I think that people who strongly abide by J-C normative ethics are simply not being ethical, period. That’s not to say Christians are unethical (as the vast majority of them, like the rest of us try to do good), but that if one abides by Christian ethical theory, then one cannot claim moral superiority.

My basic idea is this – Christianity cannot provide an adequate reason for why someone should be moral. Sure there are several things you should to (because you’ll get into heaven), but more strikingly, there are things you should not do (because you’ll go to hell). The only way to be moral is to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing, and no other reason (not a very compelling reason, I know). But the simple fact of the matter is this; if you help someone because you believe they will do something good for you in return, that’s not being moral – that’s bribery. Likewise, if you do something good because you are afraid of negative consequences, that’s not being moral either – that’s being threatened.

I’m not saying that Christianity is as morally bankrupt as a methadone clinic, as anything that keeps people from shooting one another (a co-worker of mine says all that’s keeping her from bringing and Uzi to work is God) is typically a good thing. What I am saying is that if someone abides by J-C normative ethics, they cannot claim the moral high ground


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